How our biology scuppers our weight loss

I’ve just spent the last three days at an eating disorder conference.  Partly for professional development but mostly because we’re now almost in September and I’m no leaner than I was when I set about losing weight in January.  I want answers damn it!  Not the obvious ones like, you must still be eating too […]

Progress report: Epic fail on the fasting front

Hello folks, it’s been a wee while since my last confession….er…  Since early May I’ve sworn countless times, failed to fast twice a week, been gluttonous, envious of my neighbours lycra-clad figure and guilty of neglecting my blog. It’s quite possible I also coveted an ox (slow-cooked on a bed of creamy mash) but I’m fairly certain I […]

Scheduling for success

I’ve never been part of the ‘just do it’ brigade.  I’m ruled, perhaps even owned, by my emotions and so I generally need to feel inspired and willing before anything gets done.  I can get myself into gear in order not to disappoint or let down others but I often create a bit of a […]

The truth about exercise

I’m considering setting up a Michael Mosley fan club.  Come join me in a teenage-like crush on an unlikely 50-something heart throb.  Why?  Because he’s the doctor and documentary filmmaker responsible for Eat, Fast and Live Longer and the co-author of the Fast Diet.  The program and book that inspired the current wave of interest […]

Recognising our weight loss patterns

Since I’ve come back from holiday I’ve been struggling to get back in the routine of fasting.  I limped through the first week but then ditched the second one using the excuse that I was having a tough week and would wait until my partner came back from overseas.  Huh?  His presence, as supportive as he […]

Scales: Friend, foe or frenemy

My daughter has a fantastic pose that signals defeat.  Her chin drops, shoulders slump, tummy sticks out and her expression becomes a blend of injustice and confusion.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while standing on the scales the other morning and realised where she gets it from.  I’m doing a seated […]

Three month progress report: The dog ate my homework

Or more pertinently, my holiday ate my weight loss.  Or perhaps I ate my holiday.  Whatever.  Bottom line:  Instead of celebrating an anticipated 10 kilos/22 pound weight loss, I’m scraping in with a 5 kilo/11 pound drop.  That’s 3 kilos gained and 2 that should have been lost but weren’t.  But you know what?  I […]

Can fasting cure compulsive eating?

I was all set to write this post about a week ago.  Then I found myself awake at 2 am inhaling leftover lasagna for no good reason.  Well, for the same good reason that they show infomercials at that time:  Resistance is low and all good sense is gone.  Looking like Victoria Principal, and thinking […]

Five weight loss truths and why we prefer to ignore them

Some highly qualified minds from the University of Alabama have been looking into the myths surrounding obesity.  (My personal favourite is that very fat people are very stupid but they seem to have given that one a wide berth).  They’ve come up with a set of dieting truths: Small things make a big difference.  Walking […]

Two month progress report: A little bit less of me to love

Eight weeks in and seven kilos down! Love your work intermittent fasting. Seven kilos may not sound too spectacular except when you consider that for 40 of the last 56 days I’ve eaten completely normally.  No measuring portions, no counting calories, no restrictions.  While I’ve tried to follow hunger and satiety cues, nothing has been absolutely denied.  I don’t think there are […]